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Wednesday, 18/01/2023

The effect of rubber Shock Absorber

Rubber shock absorbers are shock absorbers made from specially shaped blocks of rubber and are often used where strong vibrations are common, such as car door shock absorbers, shock absorbers, glass doors, rubber shock absorbers for car or motorcycle springs device...

High-strength, ductile, elastic and high-friction rubber materials are processed to suit all types, uses and applications for high application results.

Shock absorbers are widely used components in mechanical equipment, and their task is to absorb, reduce and eliminate the vibration of machines and equipment during operation. The shock absorber is a useful tool to avoid excessive fluctuations in the operation process from affecting the working process and the life of the machine.

The effect of shock Absorber

whilst machines and equipment function, they may generate a whole lot of vibrations which include vibrations, shocks, bangs, and so on. At that time, so as to decrease those fluctuations and now not cause damage to the machines, they've created a Shock Absorber . So what is the effect of shock Absorber ?"

Helps reduce shock

Shock absorbers are made of heavy duty materials. So when the engine is running and is subjected to shocks that cause the engine to become bouncy, the shock absorber can limit these shocks by the elasticity of the shock absorber.

Reducing the vibration

Vibration is unavoidable when the engine is running. Dampers are often used to limit these vibrations. Shock absorbers are specifically designed to reduce and absorb this vibration to ensure proper machine operation.

Fixing the gravity centre of the machine

For moving machinery like automobiles and motorcycles, the shock absorbers have the effect of assisting the gravity center of machines, reducing their impact pressure to keep away from in the course of motion or corners that motive the vehicle to tilt. make certain the vehicle can stand and move normally.

Machine protection

If the machine vibrates too much, it will be difficult for the machine to work normally, and the life of the machine will be short. Therefore, the vibration and shock of the machine can be reduced by using a damper to ensure a long service life of the machine components and to protect the machine.

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