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Vietnamese mechanical support industry provides various details and components for downstream industries.

Domestic enterprises now produce and assemble almost all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, and coaches. Many of them have boldly made investments to improve production capacity to better serve foreign-invested (FDI) enterprises.


Vietnam joined various free trade agreements which can provide mechanical enterprises with more advantages in exports and attract foreign investment. Vietnamese mechanical supporting industry enterprises face many challenges in terms of product quality, labor qualifications and infrastructure quality.

VAMI has proposed a support program that connects with potential buyers of each industry in order to help medium-sized companies to invest in expanding production, train human resources, and access new technologies. In addition, the state should prioritize orders from Vietnamese mechanical enterprises, especially in public investment projects.



In the period of 2021-2030, besides electricity, railways, traffic and irrigation. , oil and gas, marine economic works ... supporting industries (automobiles, motorcycles) are in important projects with a total investment of hundreds of billions of dollars. This will be a great opportunity for Vietnamese mechanical enterprises to participate in the supply chain.

Full article in the link: https://moit.gov.vn/en/news/industry-and-trade/mechanical-industry-seekssolutions-to-access-global-value-chain.html 

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