Được hỗ trợ bởi Dịch

Just Special Material Co. Ltd., Vietnam established in 1998 and based in Hanoi, is a 100% subsidiary of JL (De Y) Group. Producing and manufacturing automotive and motorcycle components.

With 25 years of experience and development, Just Special Materials Co. Ltd., Vietnam can pride itself being a reliable partner for industrial leading companies such as HONDA, YAMAHA, PIAGGIO, VAP, VMEP (SYM), FORD, DAEWOO, KYMCO, HYUNDAI; SMV, … .

In 2002 Just Special Materials Co. Ltd., Vietnam got its certification granted for ISO:9001 (quality management) and ISO:14001 (environment management) by the top certification organization in the world (NQA). Maintaining the 5S Standard in our production site, we can always ensure an output of steadily quality products. We are also continuously improving our production process to ensure quality and quantity to our customers satisfaction, while safeguarding the environment inside and outside of the production site according to the government implemented regulations and beyond.

We always put the people at the center, with a good working environment for our employees we can ensure and guarantee a steady output of quality products, satisfying our clients / distributors and end users. We also can ensure, maintain and fulfill our clients strict technical requirements and high standards, because of our continuously investment in our machinery and equipments.

Determining quality as our lifeline, we´ve got a fully equipped laboratory for quality control, to ensure our customers‘ satisfaction. With us as partners you can always be sure to get quality products, with a competitive price. Furthermore a motivated, attentive and engaged sales and after-sales service will be at your side at any given time.

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