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Vietnam is seeking solutions to help local businesses overcome obstacles by forming business groups and fields to increase output and quality of products. Vietnamese enterprises in supporting industry should increase cooperation among them to overcome weaknesses amid low engagement of domestic market share in the sectors having foreign players, such as electronics manufacturing. There are a few Vietnamese enterprises that are able to provide supporting industrial products to Japan They can supply raw materials at competitive prices, assist in customs clearance, propose new production methods, and help manufacturing and assembly enterprises in mechanization and automation. If something goes wrong, these trading companies can coordinate suppliers and assembly plants to suggest solutions. Vietnamese manufacturers in the support industry are mainly involved in the production of plastic and rubber, and individual components They focus on seeking solutions in the supply chain by forming business groups and fields to increase the output and quality of products Vu Ba Phu, Vietrade's Director General said the agency will organize programs to aid Vietnamese enterprises in trading with those from Japan.

Full article in the link:; https://hanoitimes.vn/solutions-to-boost-vietnamese-supporting-industry-capacity-321197.html

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